I’ve worked primarily with women for the past 13 years. A lot of things have changed since I first started, but two things have stayed the same:

1. Working with women is awesome.

2. Women tend to undereat. Both the total calories and carbohydrates. This is true across the board, but especially noticeable with active women.

Undereating for a day here and there doesn’t make a difference. I mean, that’s life, right? Some days we all get kicked in the teeth and feel about as excited about eating as Varys feels about an invitation to an orgy.

It’s the chronic undereating that fucks up the hunger signals, immune system, hormones, strength, fitness and mood. While also increasing the risk of injury and bone fractures.

And because all these downsides sort of sneak up, you often don’t realise that you’re not functioning as well as you could.

So, how much do you need to eat? 

Head over here to calculate your daily kilojoule needs for maintaining your weight. Divide it by four to get the daily calories.

Once you have your number, aim for that calorie amount daily for the next two to four weeks to set your baseline. Even if your goal is to lose fat.

Then adjust either up or down (or don’t), depending on your goals and how your body responds.