New year new you? I call bullshit. The old you is just fine. You’re doing great. High five!

But how about a new year, stronger you? Now we’re talking. You could be like these two:

Conveniently enough, I am taking on 5 new online coaching clients this week. Are you a woman over 40 who:

✅ Juggles work, parenthood and about a gazillion other roles and responsibilities
✅ Gives zero f*cks about having abs and doesn’t want to focus on weight loss
✅ Wants to feel strong, confident and full of energy in the outdoor activities you love doing
✅ Is willing to carve out 60-90 minutes a week for the next 12 weeks to build up your strength and reduce the risk of injury

If that resonates and makes your neck more sore than a two-hour Slayer gig, I’d love to help you.

Reply with “Baltic herring”, and we’ll have a chat to see if my coaching program would be a good fit.

It was the right fit for all these women (and some men too, because whatever).