There are many ways to reclaim your energy and strength. None of these is a requirement for being successful:

  • Exercising everyday
  • Doing workouts that leave you feeling like you’re about to cough up a kidney
  • Rigid workout length (some of my clients do 45 minutes, some do 20 minutes, and I do 5 minutes)
  • Owning a bunch of different equipment (a couple of kettlebells with get you far)
  • Keeping detailed notes about each workout. Do this instead
  • Completely cutting out wine and ice cream
  • Eating vegetables with each meal
  • Always being in bed by 11pm
  • Never skipping breakfast
  • …list anything and everything some guru says you should do

The best way for you is the one that fits your personality and is doable with the time, energy and resources you have. 

Not the one that’s supposed to be the most “optimal”.