You can become that person today

I went to make a PB sambo today as a part of my lunch. To my disappointment, I found a bucket brimming with hummus in the fridge. I faced a burning decision.

Am I still true to my 2023 half-assed new year’s resolution? Am I still the kind of person who’s trying to prioritise foods with more protein whenever possible?

It was a long and violently beautiful battle of logic and the heart. In the end, I chose hummus. So I can beam with the qualities of the person I want to be.

But tonight, when everyone has gone to sleep, the house is still, the birds are quiet, and the neighbors are too drunk to remember, I’ll throw the remaining bucket of that goddamn hummus in the bin. Which I then may or may not set on fire.

So I can choose PB sambo tomorrow and feel incredibly good about the decisions I make in my life.

Here’s where it’s at.

You don’t have to postpone becoming a new person once you reach your goal. Each action and habit is a vote for or against the person you want to be.


A delicious hummus sambo. Stabbed. Because it was in the wrong place at the wrong time.