An attempt at defining the pillars of lifelong fitness.

Focus on making progress towards your goal instead of making yourself tired. Walk away from most workouts feeling like you could do more.

Progress can be about turning up. Sometimes it’s progress to not go backwards.

Compare yourself to your previous self. Not to other people.

It’s ok to skip an occasional workout and go do something else. Even if it has nothing to do with exercise.

There’s no single exercise or movement you have to do. If something doesn’t feel right, find an alternative. Also, you’re no longer an eighteen-year-old. Train accordingly.

The older you get, the more emphasis you need to put on rest and recovery.

Include movement into your days without labelling it exercise.

Take part in physical activities you enjoy, even better, love. Then sprinkle in other activities which enhance and complement what you love.

Find others who love what you love.

Eat healthy and nutritious meals most of the time. And sometimes don’t.

Learn to cook healthy and delicious food. Or marry someone who knows how to cook and is willing to cook for you. Failing that, hire a chef.

Putting in the time to manage stress and fatigue is never a bad idea.

Spend as much time outdoors as you can.

Sleep. A lot.

And yes, this is a cliché, but listen to your body.