This one’s from Paul at, sharing examples of appalling and harmful comments healthcare professionals have made to their patients. The comment section has plenty more.

Here’s one:

“You’re all out of alignment. We’ll need to schedule ten weekly sessions to try to get things back in place…”

Or how about this one:

“my first ultrasound (at 20 weeks) with my first child, the ultrasound tech gasped, then exclaimed, “You weren’t expecting twins were you! Cuz if you were, it looks like we’ve got a disappearing twin here!””

One more:

“Surgeon gleefully announced bone on bone. Also casually told me the meniscus was “shredded”. Was pretty demoralising. In spite of being aware of the power of words, its still affecting.”

Here’s the link for more. Only click and read it if you want to feel angry about the world. No joke. I had to lie down to stop hyperventilating.