I’ve said how I prefer to rely on intuition and “feelings” to assess where my health and fitness is at. Part of that is justified. I disagree with the trend of the glorified tracking of absolutely everything. It’ll only distract most people from what truly matters, taking action.

That, and I believe that relying too heavily on data will further dampen our intuition.

Yet part of my tech rebellion is based on a pink coloured, romanticised view I have of the past. A longing for the simpler times (hear me go, I sound like I was born in the 1920s. Someone play Ain’t Misbehavin’ on the gramophone and pour me a boulevardier).

But I don’t live in a vacuum. Harnessing the right technology can and will help us in our quest for a healthier future. Both individually and as a whole.

All of which brings me to a platform that my buddy Nick Harris has been cooking for the last three years. Optimal Humans app, or a fancy pants “personal health and fitness advisor in your pocket”.

And it’s out now.

Unlike other apps, Optimal Humans tracks the relationship between your performance, behaviour and biometrics. Once it knows enough about your current health and fitness, it’ll proactively prescribe solutions to your underlying limitations. Allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals faster.

You can download and use it for free to gain a better understanding of your health and fitness. And how to move past whatever’s holding you back from being your most optimal self. By learning from some of Australia’s top health and fitness experts.

I know Nick’s got big ambitions for what the app can do for your health. Both now and with the future releases. But instead of me trying to explain it, get a front row seat by downloading the app from the App Store.

It’s dope.