Most of us naturally emphasise our daily mistakes and misfortunes while barely acknowledging our wins. Especially the small wins. And as we’re more likely to remember our mistakes and poorer choices, it can distort how we see ourselves.

We become less confident in our skills and abilities to achieve our goals.

But that stops now.

In a world obsessed with social media highlight reels of here’s-me-cuddling-a-panda-in-a-submarine, we often underestimate the power of small wins.

But small wins are like compound interest for your motivation. Each small win boosts your confidence, proving that you can do it. And that’s a kind of big deal.

You’re not just ticking a box every time you successfully complete a healthy behaviour, be it a quick workout, a healthy UberEats, or 60 seconds of mindfulness.

When you acknowledge and celebrate a small win, you reinforce the behaviour you want to become a habit. It’s introductory psychology: positive reinforcement. You’re more likely to repeat an action if you associate it with a positive outcome.

So, how do you make this actionable? Simple. Keep a pop-psychology-smelling ‘Wins Journal.’ I know, the overly upbeat name itself activates the gag reflex in me too. But…

By keeping a ‘Wins Journal,’ you’re not just tracking your actions but creating a tangible record of your capability. It serves as a frequent reminder of how far you’ve come and fuels you to go even further.

When you complete your chosen behaviour or anything worth feeling good about, jot it down. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A single-line entry will do.

The key is consistency.