– Better blood sugar control, metabolic benefits to help with body comp. Especially belly fat
– Anti-inflammatory effect (inflammation being naturally higher from peri-menopause onward)
– Improving aerobic capacity, aka heaps good for your heart
– Improved cognition and working memory

How to HIIT

– Around 80% of your max effort (you could calculate 80% from your max heart rate: 220-Your age * 0.8)
– Around 1-4 mins per effort.
– Rest as needed. Some sessions are go-go-go. Some are less so. A good rule of thumb is to rest until you can talk in short sentences

Ok Joonas, whatever, I believe you, how does that look like in a workout?

A super simple version:

10x Kettlebell Swing
5x Push Ups
10x Goblet Squats

Do all the exercises back to back. Rest until you can talk in short sentences, and go again. Build up to 15-20 minutes.

You can swap those exercises for whatever you like. Favouring lower body exercises to help get the heart rate up.

How often? 

In the perfect world, you’d work up to doing two of those a week. Or at least three in every two weeks.

But in the real world? One a week on top of SIT (more on that tomorrow) and strength training would be ace.