It sucks in so many ways.

K, that’s all from me today.

But seriously, there are days and weeks where you’ve got so much going on that finding time for anything except work and life stuff is borderline impossible. Regardless of how loudly Tim Ferriss might scoff at you for not optimising your day.

Obviously, not being able to do any exercise isn’t great for anyone. And so my usual line is, “if it’s important, you’ll find the time.” Regardless of how little that time might be.

To make things more manageable, we can redefine what it means to workout during those my hair is on fire and for some reason I find myself at an oil refinery and hey why am I suddenly on the Titanic – times in our life.

We can redefine working out as manual labour, done wherever, whenever, for a few minutes throughout the day.

This reframe can help fit five minutes of “manual labour” into each hour. Put a kettlebell, a backpack etc., next to your desk and do squats, carries, marches, crawls, push ups, rows, planks or walk the stairs for five minutes once an hour.

Is it ideal? Meh. Does it matter? Because it sure is better than doing nothing.

Just remember to wear pants.