We all have times when we are on the verge of stopping because the goal just feels too enormous and intimidating. Maybe the goal looks like a small dot in the horizon. Maybe it feels like an unbearable mountain with vertical walls, jammed with barbed-wire and razor blade obstacles. And manned machine guns.

Most people stop before they get anywhere. I like to call them the start stoppers. They don’t stay on the same route long enough to see results from the work they put it.

We often get caught up focusing on the end result, and understandable so. It’s easy to get intimidated when looking at people who are already extremely successful at the thing that you want to accomplish. That one person in the gym who seems to have the body you desire. And what they have seems so foreign and faraway to you.

If you get too caught up in it you might forget that getting there required a lot of consistency. Small choices along the way. That is the key to success. Taking one step after another. The key to being successful at anything is to keep doing the thing you want to be good at. And eventually you will hit a point when maintaining what you have becomes simple, even easy.

Or maybe it is just that you got used to doing “it” so “it” becomes a second nature But you cannot skip your way through it. You have to keep showing up.

What if you’d focus on one day and one task at a time? What if you’d do it consistently for the next two years.


If you start a new training routine today

You have 730 days.

104 weeks.

17 520 hours.

If you train 45 minutes once a week it’s 78 hours.

If you train 45 minutes twice a week it’s 156 hours.

If you train 45 minutes three times a week it’s 234 hours.


If you start changing eating and lifestyle habits today

You could change, add or stop 24 habits (one each month)

You could change, add or stop 48 habits (one every fortnight).


If you want to lose fat

You could drop 12 kilograms of fat (If you lose 500 grams a month).

You could cut 36 500 calories (if you cut 50 calories from each day).

If you are disheartened and feel as you don’t have time to start today, that you don’t want to keep going because it’s hard, that you feel like giving up. Find the smallest action you can take towards your goal. Think what you can accomplish in the next 730 days.

When you are in the middle of it all the actions might seems small, even pointless. But it all adds up. Two years from now you’ll be happy that you started and kept at it.

The idea for this blog post came from Jason Zook who few weeks back sent email newsletter about the same concept for writing, building a business etc.