To get the most out of power exercises, train power first thing in the workout. Here’s why:

Higher energy levels: You have the most energy before you let all hell break loose. Power exercises need a lot of effort and quick, strong movements. Doing it first means you can give it your all.

Lower injury risk: Power training exercises require good form, especially jumping or lifting fast. You can control your movements better when you’re not tired, making it safer.

Muscles work better: Power exercises need fast-twitch muscle fibres, which work best when you feel like the Woollies fresh food section: fresh.

If you wait until later in the workout, these muscles won’t respond as well, and you might not get all the benefits.

Sharper focus: Your brain and nerves are more alert at the beginning of a workout. This helps with quick movements needed in power training. As you get tired, your coordination and focus can drop.

The muscles, nerve connections and stuff only adapt and improve when challenged more than before. That is only possible when you’re feeling fresh and sharp. Which I am sure is also an aisle in Woollies.

So, tag a power exercise at the start of your workouts. That way, you can do the exercises with more energy and better form and squeeze out all the juicy benefits.