Your eating habits have been all over the place for years. It’s likely that your hunger cues aren’t in tune.

You haven’t done a strength workout since Obama ruled The White House. Your body and mind don’t know what it means to stop the training set a few repetitions short of failure.

You sleep like a dolphin. One eye open and half the brain alert. And mostly in water. You’re probably not hungry because you’re exhausted, not because you’re not hungry. This is super common in the morning.

You feel as calm and stress-free as a ballistic nuclear missile. See above. You might also feel like you need to train hard for stress release. When often, you could benefit from a more chilled approach.

You’ve just enjoyed a lot of weed. Because, well, you know.

So, how do you reset these signals to trust what your body is telling you?

How I wish this would be more exciting. Here goes:

Get your sleep in order. Aim for that 7-8 hours everyone goes on about. Yawn.

Find ways to manage, reduce and deal with your stress.

Prioritise breakfast, lunch and dinner. Probably by focusing on improving one of them first and then going from there.

Maybe even track calories for a week or two to make sure you’re eating enough. I know, right? Who am I?

As for training and finding your limits, practice, practice, practice. And although I am very much against training to failure, it might also be helpful to do so occasionally so you know your limits.