One of the readers shared her struggles the other day, and I thought my reply might also help other readers.

Here’s what she had to say (shared anonymously):

“I have a really good plan on Monday for exercising during the week, but then thing A, B and C (also D – Z) come along and exercise doesn’t happen as much as I want to; I’m also struggling to lose weight (and I’m struggling with admitting that I want to lose weight, but that’s another story).”

My reply:
Thanks for sharing your struggle. A few thoughts.
How do your typical plans for the week look on Mondays?
In the past, I’ve found that A to Z is most likely to derail us when our plans are overly ambitious based on our realities. One question that might help is, what would your exercise plans look like to feel 90-100% sure you can stick to it?
Sometimes, what’s realistic is far from what we feel is ideal/what you’d want to do. But by making things achievable, you can give yourself a quick win, which helps with the motivation going forward. And if your schedule allows, you can always do more. What matters is that you do something.
Then there’s this: we must guard our exercise time. And it will often mean saying no to other priorities. And even letting people down. Obviously, within reason though. I do acknowledge that some people have way more responsibilities than others. So do what you can.
As for the weight loss struggle, you’ve already highlighted the first step forward for you: Dealing with the inner resistance to weight loss. Get clear on why you’re resisting wanting to lose weight. Are those reasons valid?