Weights, sets, reps, steps, heart rate, sheep, the mentions of Roxanne in the song Roxanne…

Having a boatload of numbers to track is a sure way to make this whole fitness thing an overwhelming experience. Unless you’re super motivated by numbers, the less you have to track, the better.

After all, the goal is to find ways to make fitness a part of your life. And the way to do it is to remove all the friction you can.

So, what’s the absolute minimum you should track with your workouts?

Workout intensity. Aim for 7-9 out of 10 for most workouts, depending on how you feel. 1 being Jeff Lebowski and 10 being Beatrix Kiddo.

Would it be useful to track weights, sets, reps and whatnot? Sure, if you like tracking them and find doing so keeps you motivated.

But if you find the thought of tracking everything as appealing as thrusting your hand into a full-speed ceiling fan, don’t do it.

As long as you’re making each workout challenging by tracking the intensity, you’ll be fine.


ps. How can I make the daily emails more valuable to you? The main reason for these daily emails is to cut through the usual fitness bullshit and help you reclaim your strength and energy with an approach that works for you. With that in mind, this is an invitation for your feedback. Reply and let me know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank you in advance!