I had this conversation with an online client last week. She’s reached the fitness goals she set when we first started. So naturally, the “What’s the next goal?” came up.

And her response was so insightful that I wanted to share it with you.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I do not (currently) have an endpoint goal, like a race or a hike or a skill or ability. And I don’t want to make one up. My goal is to be consistent with my workouts. That’s my challenge; being consistent and taking action even when the feeling isn’t there. Remembering that the action creates the feeling.

The edge for me might be that little bit of swagger, that little bit of bad ass proud I feel when I’m really locked in, but overall it’s simply to keep showing up.

My Why is clear. I feel my best when I do it, and I rarely feel good when I don’t do it. Obviously I much prefer to feel good. I’m sure the reasons for staying are numerous and nuanced, but include enjoyment of the process (vs achievement of the outcome), value of the relationship, and recognition that even something with proven value (the workouts themselves) can get lost in the messiness of life. Hence the beacon.

My goal is not an outcome but a process. In addition to the workouts I’m looking for coaching, collaboration, and a firm push when needed… I’m not abdicating my responsibility or making you the reason that I do it [the workouts] (only sometimes 😉), but rather recognizing that it’s better with a partner.”