First, the decision to start. To accept that there will never be a perfect time. So you might as well start now. Even if you’re low on time. Even if you can’t give your 100%.

Because, who isn’t low on time? And can anyone with an actual life give their 100%? Ever? With anything? I don’t think so. Like marriage, having kids or standing at the muesli aisle, it’s all about a compromising.

Not compromising your values or beliefs, but letting other less important things sometimes slide.

Second, the strength and courage to show up. Put it in your calendar. Set a reminder. Arrange your day in a way that you can show up. Book your training for a time that you’re more likely to show up.

Know ins and outs of your energy levels. If you’re not a morning person, don’t decide to train first thing in the morning. Maybe you’ll get there, eventually. But for now, why make it harder than it already is?

Third, the will and determination to build consistency. Regardless of the day, mood, or the circumstances you’re in. Stick to the training days you set in the beginning. If on some days it means that you can only do a quarter of your workout, so be it.

Like Tony Iommi’s fingers, do the best you can with what you’ve got. Turned out alright for him. It will for you too.

Fourth, to expect nothing. Not immediately, anyway. People fail because they expect instant rewards. Focus on building consistency and creating momentum.

The result will follow.

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