What do you need to move forward?

What do you need to move forward?

If you feel like your fitness isn’t where you want it to be. If you feel stuck.

If you crave for something better. If you can see a stronger, fitter future for yourself.

There’s a good chance you don’t need more training knowledge. You know enough.

You don’t need to find a new training program. That’s not what’s missing.

It’s likely that you’ve already gained enough nutrition information. And you definitely don’t have to wait for the next diet trend.

But you probably knew all of that already.

What you need right now is action. You need structure.

You need to set a specific, measurable and time-based goal.

You need to break it into actionable steps. And you need the accountability to stick to it.

As long as your life circumstances allow it. Now might not be a good time.

After a while, the lack of results is rarely about the lack of knowledge. And even when we know this, it’s sometimes good to get a reminder.

It gets us to pause. We can reflect on the situation we’re in and find our place on the map.

Before deciding on what to do.

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