Over the years, I’ve noticed that the typical training cycle for most clients (and myself) follows a predictable pattern.

Three to five weeks of consistent training, followed by a week or two where one of the following happens:

a) the kids get sick
b) they get sick
c) work gets insane
d) something something the in-laws
e) all of the above and then some

Nothing chips away motivation and enthusiasm more than expecting smoothness and then getting hit by the crunchy realities of life. That disappointment of shit happening out of our control and us being unable to piece it together with anything else except time.

Expecting something to derail your plans removes this disappointment. While also leaving the door slightly open for those surprises when things actually go smoothly.


ps. Random question. Where do you spend your time online? Which business, parenting, learning or other groups of your interests are you actively participating in?