Something different today. I will occasionally share resources from other health professionals. Resources that align with my ‘reasonable fitness’ philosophy and help you live a more active, fulfilling life. So you can do more dope things in life. Without, you know, doing dope. Because it’s not good for you.

I’ll list them on my Stuff You Need to Know About – page. But if it’s really really juicy, I’ll blog about it too.

And today’s free fat loss course (+ emotional eating podcast) from Georgie Fear of Nutrition Loft fits into the juicy category.


Weight Loss for Non-Dieters (FREE)

Struggling to lose and maintain fat loss with traditional diets? The weight might go down, but like another uninspiring Marvel movie that you couldn’t care less for, it always comes back.

Traditional calorie counting diets rarely work for foodies. Eating is meant to be enjoyable. Not an exercise in maths class. Besides, there’s only so much steamed broccoli one can eat without wanting to bury their head into a steaming basket.

Strict diets might work for those with the willpower of a pine tree. But a mere-mortal needs solid principles that work with your life.

All the while still allowing you to thrive in the activities you love doing.

This course by Georgie Fear (RD) is the antidote to traditional weight loss diets. Instead of following strict rules, you’ll learn how to make fat loss principles work in your life.

You’ll learn how to lose weight, and how to keep it off using the trinity of sustainable fat loss: nutrition science combined with intuitive eating and body acceptance.

Most coaches, nutritionists, and dieticians would and will charge for access to this kind of resource. The fact that Nutrition Loft’s weight loss course is completely free just… I don’t know. I. can’t. even.

It’d be borderline crime to not recommend the course for most people* struggling with weight loss.

*If you struggle with emotional eating or binge eating, the weight loss lessons on their own won’t help. Instead, Georgie’s Breaking Up With Binge Eating podcast is a better free resource to begin with.

Access the free weight loss course here.