When it comes to food, the trainer in me thinks nutrients first, convenience second and flavour third. But, I can’t get away with eating beans, spinach and chilli seven days a week. For a few very good reasons.

First, my wife’s a chef by trade. She thrives on variety, flavours, texture, and all that. (And after 15 years, I admit that she’s onto something.)

Two, kids don’t love chilli. If it’d be up to them we’d be eating pasta, tomato sauce and occasional broccoli (“I am a giraffe.”) on most days.

So our weekly meal planning has all the potential to turn into an all-out war. And, let’s not forget that I eat mostly plant-based. The rest of the family doesn’t.

Somehow we’re able to pull through most weeks and end up with a variety of delicious, mostly nutritious meals that are simple enough to cook. And we all win.

Yet it does take a bit of an effort to plan, shop and cook. At least with my unpolished grocery planning, shopping and cooking skills.

But we have a secret weapon.

We’ve been using the Paprika app for years to plan our weekly meals. We also use the meals –> shopping list function in it to do our weekly online grocery orders.

And as we’ve populated the app with recipes over the years, it took me about 30 minutes to plan and order our weekly meals this morning.

If your current weekly meal planning sits somewhere between chaos and not planning, check out Paprika. I get nothing out of recommending it. I just think it’s an awesome app that makes healthy eating that little bit easier.