I got this message from a client this morning:

In the 12+ years that I’ve been coaching, I don’t think one woman has ever stated that Saturday dancing with heels is one of their goals.

Yet, you’d be surprised how frequently dancing comes up during Monday check-ins. And I always think it’s such an awesome unintended consequence of getting strong. Which brings me to this:

I am taking on 5 new online coaching clients this week. Are you a tired mumpreneur over 40 who:

  • Wants to reclaim your energy and strength slowly and sustainably
  • Juggles business, parenthood and about a gazillion other roles and responsibilities
  • Gives zero f*cks about having abs and doesn’t want to focus on weight loss
  • Wants to feel strong and full of energy in the outdoor activities you love doing
  • Is willing to carve out 60-90 minutes a week for the next 16 weeks to reach your goals

I can’t promise you will reach all your health and fitness goals in four months, but I can guaranteed you’ll:

1. Wake up feeling rested on most days, with your energy levels being 8/10.
2. Finish most days with your energy levels being 8/10.
3. Reach your personal fitness goal. This could be a specific “event” you’re looking to do in 16 weeks, such as a hike, cycle, run, or an active holiday with the family (not the in-laws – there are limits to what I can promise). It might also be an improvement in how long/fast you can walk without feeling like dying, playing tennis pain-free, or keeping up with your kids without feeling like you can’t.
4. Be able to dance on Saturdays without feeling sore for two days.

I will guarantee those results in 16 weeks. Or, I will work with you as long as it takes for you to reach those goals for no additional cost to the initial payment.

If reading that makes at least two of your neck vertebrae sore from vigorous nodding, hit reply.

And we’ll schedule a call to see if my coaching program would be a good fit.


ps. Need more convincing? Here are a bunch of past and current clients who’ve achieved all kinds of awesome things.