Two Types of Motivation

This is a short post. I wanted to share a great little tip to try if you’ve been struggling with your health and fitness routine lately or if you are someone who is just starting out. You are going to find out what type of motivation works for you.

So, what motivates you? Take a moment and think whether you are someone who achieves better focus and drive when aiming for a goal that is set in the future? Such as to be able to walk on the beach with confidence or to simply be able to tighten up your belt for one or two more holes. Do you rather focus on the things that you want to achieve and things that you want to be? If so, then you the type who is motivated by a desire to reach a goal.

Or you are the opposite, someone who rather moves away from your current situation. There is something about where you are at the moment that you don’t like. You might know a person who is currently in a situation where you would never want to end up in. This gives you the strength to make changes required to avoid their situation. If you rather focus on avoiding something negative, then you are the type who is motivated by a desire to not fail.

You see, no matter which way you look at your goals the end result is the same: better you. The trick is whether you are looking at goal setting from the right perspective for you. So take a step back and try both ways. Which way lights up a fire in your belly?

In the end, use specific language in your goal setting. For those of you who get motivated by a desire not to fail write down your goals by clearly explaining how you don’t want to feel and be. For the desire to reach a goal types write down how you want to feel and be.

This might be the one trick that will get the ball rolling for you.

Inspired by Chapter 17 You won’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want from Secrets of Confident People by Richard Nugent.


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