A practical guide to eating less meat

A 5-day (one-a-week) email course from Vox.

“[It’ll] teach you how to easily incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, give you evidence-based behavior strategies to make it last, and serve up plenty of food for thought on how our choices impact animals, our health, and the planet.”

Often, consumers inadvertently give too much credit to ‘scientifically studied’ product claims

“‘Clinically studied’ can mean lots of things,” said Alan Castel, the paper’s senior author and a UCLA psychology professor. “Maybe the product was studied only in animals, or in people, but found to be ineffective or not effective enough. ‘Clinically studied’ only shows that someone was interested enough in the product to study it, not that the study was well-designed or showed conclusively that the supplement works.” 

A new day.

My friend Louise won my corner of the internet with this paragraph last week. It is a beautiful way to describe the ebb and flow of life and fitness:

“I visualize the days of my visiting friends as a stretch of exciting, fun rapids. And now, I’m a slow-running, sandy-bottom, lazy river, under a deep blue sky. No paddling is necessary. Just…float. Until the next stretch of rapids, of course. Which is likely just around that bend.” 

The full, short blog is well worth your time.