Now, if there’s ever been a word that’s saturated every last corner of the health and fitness space and ignites my gag reflex every so often, it has to be “transformation”.


The things you can achieve when you decide to prioritise your health can be and feel genuinely transformative.

Here’s a feel-good, unbribed testimonial from a previous client:

“I met Joonas at a time in my life when I had a number of emotional struggles with food an exercise. I’d previously been in professional sport and nearly a decade away the subsequent change in lifestyle left me with a highly disordered approach to both.

Joonas not only helped me get fit again but also helped me regain my confidence in myself and his kind and empathetic approach led me down the path to recovery. That’s not to say that Joonas doesn’t challenge you because I was certainly challenged and pushed past what I felt were my limits and he did this with an approach that suited my needs.

I’ve trained with a number of coaches and would recommend Joonas for his ability to recognise the individual needs of each of his clients and tailor his approach, his genuine interest in you as a person and his compassion and encouragement. Above all, training with Joonas allowed me to feel better than I had in years.” – Bec

And yes, I am still taking on new online coaching clients this week. If you’re a tired parentpreneur and want results similar to Bec’s without going all Rambo with your already jam-packed schedule, hit reply. Let’s chat to see if my coaching would be a good fit. It’s not for the Rambo types. But it might just be for you.