You can easily train most of your body at home without any equipment. But the one most people struggle with is not knowing what to do for the upper back.

Doing any form of pulling becomes tricky unless you have a weight, a suspension trainer, a chin up bar or are willing to risk your face health trying out horizontal rows with a table (I wouldn’t recommend), or some sort of broomstick chair hazard (I wouldn’t recommend this either).

With that in mind, here are three exercises you can do without having any traditional gym equipment. You’ll need a bag of any kind with something added as a weight (how about throwing in those E. L. James novels you’ve been devouring since 2015?) and a towel (ideally not the tea towel you got in your great-great aunt’s will. You know, the one with the yellow flowers? Come on now, the one she bought in Spain?).

Anyways. I told you our garage has a grungy vibe to it.

Bag rows

You could also use a beach towel and put something in it as a weight.

Towel pullapart

Try ripping the towel apart hard enough to make a poop face. I like a wider than shoulder width grip to reduce the tension on the neck. Try 20s max hold with 20s rest x 3 times.

Snow angel in tall kneeling or prone

Tense up the upper back and keep it like that throughout the whole exercise. One reps is all the way down and back up. Do 3-5 super slow. And don’t arch your back.