The Resources To Improve Your Health So You Can Do More Dope Things In Life

The Resources To Improve Your Health So You Can Do More Dope Things In Life

Without, you know, actually doing dope. Because it’s not good for you.

Last update: 25.7.2022

After trialing various different meditation apps in the past, I’ve only used Waking Up app since it’s incarnation. I appreciate the fluff-free, science-based approach it has to mindfulness. Both in practice and the theory lessons. Their tagline, “A New Operating System for Your Mind” seems fitting.

Although the level of my meditation efforts fluctuate, the practice itself is up there with the most important decisions I’ve ever made. It has made me a calmer, more centered person. Most of the time.

Besides, meditation and mindfulness are probably the closest you’ll ever get to the feeling of doing dope. Without, you know, actually doing dope.

Download Waking Up in the AppStore.

“A personal health and fitness advisor in your pocket.” In a non-creepy way.

Optimal Humans app tracks the relationship between your performance, behaviour and biometrics. Once it knows enough about your current health and fitness, it’ll proactively prescribe solutions to your underlying limitations. Allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals faster.

You can download and use it for free to gain a better understanding of your health and fitness. And how to move past whatever’s holding you back from being your most optimal self. By learning from some of Australia’s top health and fitness experts.

The app’s in a beta launch mode and growing. The physical tests in the current version are borderline too intense for an average person who’s just looking to live a healthy, active life. But, I am looking forward to seeing what the future updates deliver.

Download the app from the App Store.

So, you’ve tried to get into exercise in the past, but it usually ends in an explosive fire of failure.You go hard at it for a month before calling the quits.

There’s a better way. Start easy. As in, super-duper-easy.

The fine people of #doit100days have a free app just for that.

It’s basically a push ups challenge for people who hate push up challenges. Wait, what?

The idea is to complete a one set of push ups daily, for 100 days. That’s it. It’s not a competition. Or about how many push ups you do. But about showing up and building a habit. One set at a time.

Obviously most people ignore this idea. It’s not sexy enough. But, it works. And it works well.

The less friction there is between you and the new habit you’re trying to build, the more likely you’re going to stick to it.

Besides being good lads, the creators of #doit100days are also raising awareness for the benefits of exercise for mental health. A cause that I am eager to support.

You can download #doit100days at Apple App Store or Google Play Store. And get after it. Gracefully.

Full disclosure: I do some of the marketing for these guys.

You’re struggling to lose weight with traditional calorie counting diets. The weight might go down, but like another uninspiring Marvel movie that you couldn’t care less for, it always comes back.

Eating is meant to be enjoyable. Not an exercise in maths class. Besides, there’s only so much steamed broccoli one can eat without wanting to bury their head into a steaming basket.

Strict diets might work for those with the willpower of a pine tree. But a mere-mortal needs solid principles that work with your life.

All the while still allowing you to thrive in the activities you love doing.

This course by Georgie Fear (RD) is the antidote to traditional weight loss diets. Instead of following strict rules, you’ll learn how to make fat loss principles work in your life.

You’ll learn how to lose weight, and how to keep it off using the trinity of sustainable fat loss: nutrition science combined with intuitive eating and body acceptance.

Most coaches, nutritionists, and dieticians would and will charge for access to this kind of resource. The fact that Nutrition Loft’s weight loss course is completely free just… I don’t know. I. can’t. even.

It’d be borderline crime to not recommend the course for most people* struggling with weight loss.

Access the free weight loss course here.