“To look good” isn’t enough

“To look good” isn’t enough

You might feel immensely motivated about lifting your butt. I get it. I too wish for a better butt. But that enthusiasm about a beautifully elevated rear end will not last. Relying on pure aesthetics as a motivator when starting and trying to maintain a lifestyle change doesn’t cut it. No matter how you’re trying to slice it.

Wanting “to look good” works great for those who have to look perky for whatever reason. Movie stars, underwear models, Instagram influencers selling organic coconut oil, and narcissistic ex-partners. But settling for “to look good” will not float you and me.

We, that’s people who don’t star in movies or promote coconut oil, need deeper reasons and motivations to keep going when life throws its hard, annoyingly shaped, and unchewable pinecones at us. Looking good can be one of the motivators. But more likely, it’s just one of the many benefits of taking care of our health, strength and wellbeing.

Dig deep to find your motivations. Don’t settle for easy, mainstream answers. You’re getting close once your reasons prompt at least a semi-emotional reaction. That motivation is going to carry you through when “to look good” won’t.

You might even get a perkier butt in the process. And someone might even ask you to promote their organic coconut oil one day. Yay.

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