It’s been four looooong years since I’ve done one of these blogs. If you’ve read none of the earlier editions, here’s what’s up: these are my notes from the cleverly named ‘Random Notes’ file I keep on my phone. Stuff I pick up and find interesting as I go through life.

And, as is often the case with these Thoughts on… posts, this one doesn’t follow any specific pattern or theme. As you shall see.

Here goes.

“As the world keeps getting faster, there’s actually a shortage of thoughtful, timeless ideas that are worth sharing an hour or a week later.” – Seth Godin

Instead of trying to motivate yourself to stick with a new behaviour, choose tiny habits, make them easy and match them with your personality.

“After pouring a cup of coffee, I will write one word. After writing, I will read.”

Do something only a few people are willing to do.

“To reduce the feeling of needing more in life, make three lists. One list of the things, people etc you absolutely need in your life. One list of things you want to have. And one list with things that would be nice to have.” – Charlie Weingroff

The desire for a simple strategy that makes sense trumps science and leverages cultural beliefs. Unsurprisingly, most of the idiotic conspiracy theories have their roots in here.

”I think if the industry changes its focus away from having to blame one causative factor and looks at the task, the job, the work environment, and the person as a whole, we can truly find out what the root cause is (or causes) and make bigger changes to prevent recurrence that go beyond the individual changing their habits.” – ? [If you know who’s comment this is, please let me know so I can credit them]

A school that teaches basic life “stuff” for kids that aren’t taught in traditional school. Meditation, philosophy of life, cooking, finance, movement.

Reading the best sellers is good when you want social approval. But that’s not where the returns in life are. – Naval Ravikante

You don’t create a tribe. You find a tribe that already exists and give them something new to talk about.

“It [training for general health] is so simple that we seek complication to stimulate ourselves” – Mike Boyle

When someone tells you what bothers them or worries them, don’t be condescending or rush to fix it. Acknowledge how they feel.

Make it a culture where everyone can ask anyone for help.

Living in the moment with contentment.

Just because you’re out of work doesn’t mean your work is not good. Just because you make a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re doing a good work.

When struggling to learn a new movement, change it to a movement in the same pattern you can already do without thinking. Learn a movement by regressing to what you can do with limited instruction. Then progress back up.

You learn to write by working with outstanding editors.

“We have a society that looks for excuses for their behaviour.” – Gray Cook

The person will not always believe what you tell them. But they will believe themselves.

Virtual reality feels more engaging than a movie because a movie follows a narrative. Reality doesn’t. The best part about Pulp Fiction is about a cheeseburger. And it has nothing to do with the plot. – ? [If you know who’s comment this is, please let me know so I can credit them.]

Saxophone is often only a small part of the Springsteen songs, but with an enormous impact. Imagine Jungleland without Clarence’s solos.

First thing when getting together with old friends is to tell old stories. It’s how we reconnect.

“For six to eight weeks, do only carries. For six to eight weeks do hinging, pressing and carrying.” – probably Dan John

When you feel angry, anxious or frustrated:
– Smile (if possible in the situation)
– Take a deep breath
– “Be a role model”
– Find humour

No one is self-made. Genetics and society you were born into are the most important factors.

If you only have access to light weights: 2020 tempo without locking @ 20-50% 1RM for hypertrophy and fitness. Until failure.

You don’t need to ace everything. 8+ is good enough for most things in life.

There’s a difference between being great at something and teaching others to be great at it. Being great doesn’t make you a great teacher. Being shitty doesn’t make you a shitty teacher.

When trying to get young kids to do something and they’re not listening:
– Try to see it from their perspective. It’s not always rational.
– Get to their level, hold them and say it in a calm, clear voice.
– Gently direct them towards what you want them to do.

A community for people to keep each other accountable to stay active and eat well. Doesn’t have to be a workout. Doesn’t have to follow a specific diet. You show up to work on your health and fitness however you want to show up. As long as you show up. **If you’d like to be a part of this community, reply and let me know.**

90% training and diet is the same for all. It works because it works. 10% is the ice cream.

Practice meeting people where they’re at.

Seek fulfilment in what you do instead of waiting for something to give it to you.

Single KB Easy Strength:
Clean and Press x 3 sets
Goblet Squat x 1 set
Pull-ups x 2 sets
Farmer Walk / Ab work / Get up
– Dan John

If The Godfather would’ve been vegan: a block of tofu instead of horse’s head.

Ooze humility, honesty, humour.

Being offended doesn’t mean being right.

When you give up the fight, you get time. Time stretches. You sink into the moment, and it seems infinite. You have all the time in the world. – ? [If you know who’s comment this is, please let me know so I can credit the them.]

What does it mean to live a good life?

“You don’t have to put more hours into each day. Instead:
Spend 20 minutes doing something that scares you.
Spend 20 minutes doing something that is generous.
Spend 20 minutes doing something that might not work.
If you do that, that’s enough. It’s not about working harder.” – Seth Godin

Told you it was going to be all over the place.

If, for some reason, you’d like to peruse the earlier Thoughts on… editions, they live here.

– J