That time again. ‘To sort out my notes from the last three months. It seems I ended up having a lot of thoughts going through my head.

I had to cut some off to not make this go on forever.

Enjoy a wall of text.


Thoughts on… XII

Moleskine notebook and Livescribe pen to automatically turn handwritten notes into a text document. Worth it for me? Or just a gimmick?

Stop saying “mmmmmmm” by doing a loud cough after each time you catch yourself doing it. And make the cough really awkward. This is from Tim Ferriss who stopped saying “pretty” by forcing himself to say “fuck” after each time he said “pretty”.

My time is more valuable writing, coaching, teaching than the technical backend nitty gritty.

When you are nervous or anxious about something new and comfortable think of it as practice to becoming great at it. That’s all it is. Just practice.

Starting a book: put an interesting character in an interesting situation. -Stephen King

When learning a new skill or a habit ask yourself: What are you noticing? What feels helpful? -Krista Scott-Dixon

“To get faster, you must sprint intensely for five or six seconds and then rest long enough to do it again.” – Tony Holler

Add sprinting to adult clients who know how to run? There’s something primal about getting into a full spring. But the person needs to have good sprinting mechanics to avoid an injury. Sprint for the neurological adaptations, not to get tired.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”  -Frank Zappa

Pavel’s Fighter Pullup Program for increasing pull ups. This is what I am already doing with more advanced clients. Just didn’t remember where I got the idea from.

Ramit’s calendar blocking. This works better than having a “to-do list”. It forces you to schedule in the tasks that matter. What doesn’t matter fall wayside.

You don’t always have to look for passion in everything that you do. Look for purpose.

Training Template for Health (what’s the least strength training while still making progress):

  • 2 Strength sessions per week. Both full body. Cover lunge, squat, single leg, hinge, vert push, vert pull, horiz push, horiz pull, carry, groundwork (x1 heavy lower / light to medium upper. x1 heavy upper / light lower with kettlebells etc. Easy for the joints.
  • x1-3 walks
  • x1 sprint – full body warm up and activation, sprint 3×40 meters with enough to recover 100%. Roughly 3-5 minutes.
  • x3 FRC for whatever needs mobility. Can also be done when watching Seinfeld
  • Monday: sprint / mobility
    Tuesday: heavy up, light low (KB, sledge etc)
    Wednesday: mobility / skill
    Thursday: mobility / skill
    Friday: heavy low, light to medium upper
    Saturday: walk
    Sunday: walk / mobility

Warm up for strength training:
Activate few things IF you really need it (glutes, core). Strength training days are just strength, avoid elaborate warm ups.
Do warm up sets within the workout:
1st set 50% RM 80% of the rep range for the day
2nd set 75% RM 80% of the rep range for the day
3rd set 100% RM 100% of the rep range for the day (work set)
Optional 4th set if feeling great that day – repeat 3rd set.

Add a press at every stop of get up.

Make yourself a Eat This Not That – list. If you usually go to a cafe for breakfast write down what are the healthy options you can choose from 90% of the time.

Research the meal options beforehand when going to a business trip. 5 restaurants, five meals from each menu, and sides. Make it simple. If you travel once in a blue moon this is not something worth stressing over. But if you are constantly on the go it’s worth to do a bit of planning.

Quarterly business self-audit from Alwyn Cosgrove. Rank yourself in the following. Upgrade the lowest ranking skill buy getting 3-5 book, 1-3 audiobooks and 1 course / home study.
– Assessment
– Training knowledge
– Coaching skills
– Program design
– Lead generation
– Sales
– Vertical business growth
– Writing

Quarterly self-audit, are you living a balanced life. Rank yourself in the following. Implement 3 actions that will bring up the lowest rank.
– Husband
– Son
– Friend
– Health
– Fitness
– Hobbies
– Finances
Me – time

“I’m a believer in nobody owns anything. If you could take care of it and pass it along it’s good” – Jack White (Good article on The New Yorker)

“With computers you can use three hundred and ten tracks if you want to, but it’s too much freedom. I always have my own rules, and I can bend them if I want. I can see the confines I’m working in, but nobody else knows I’m doing it.” – Jack White
(This is true in most things in life. Including health and fitness. We get too overwhelmed of finding new information. That’s why we never make any progress. Just stick with the basics first and then adjust, IF at all)

Learn kickboxing, capoeira or another martial art.

Monologue class instead of Toastmasters?

Supplements supplement a diet with stuff that’s missing. But taking vitamin C is not the same as eating orange. Exercises supplement a training routine with stuff that needs extra work or fixing. But push up is not the same as crawling or climbing.

“Shoulder loves climbing and hanging. Complex activity in interesting environment.” – Rafe Kelley (on The Movement Fix podcast)

Gym allows the development of specific strengths in a short time (sports). Natural movement developments a lot of qualities but over long term (longevity / life).

Train 3 months with just TRX, pull up bar and kettlebells. Just because you can.

Learn Indian clubs.

Believing you aren’t making progress in the gym is what leads to burnout. -Bryan Krahn (this was a great article by him)

Make these blogs to podcast for those who who prefer to listen while commuting.

Improv and mindfulness. Both require you to live in the present.

A system of regressions and progressions allows you to train anyone, anywhere and at any point of their training life.

Full body warm up to cover most patterns:

  • Supine Feet on Wall Breathing for Diaphragm
  • Cat / Camel x2 cycles
  • Tactical Frog x2
  • Shoulder CARS x2
  • Scapula CARS x2
  • Hip CARS x2
  • Lunge to Rotation x2
  • Lateral Lunge w/ overhead Reach x2
  • SLDL Reach x2
  • BU Carry x15m
  • Skipping / Marching x30s

Toe sit for cool down to get back to parasympathetic.

Nate Green on being a better writer:
Set a timer and race the clock. Even if your writing is rubbish.
1. Who am I writing to?
2. What am I trying to say?
3. Have I said it?
4. Use Freedom app to block all the distractions.

You can’t help everyone.

Post-rehab training, building resiliency and general fitness go hand in hand. Movement equals medicine (as taken from the guys at Movement as Medicine)

When teaching a new skill remind yourself how long did it take for you to learn it. Don’t rush things.

“When someone does something self sabotaging they do it because it works.”Coach Stevo on BetterCast

When you feel like skipping a workout or eating something unhealthy tell yourself that you are a healthy person and explain why you are following your fitness routine. Reflect on it. I wrote a post about this.

Spend time identifying 5-10 things in life that really matter. Focus on those.

“First I figured out how long the book was going to be. Usually my books are 30,000 words, so I used that as a goal. I then added 10% because I’d rather overshoot by a little bit. With fifteen days on the cruise, that meant that I had to write 2200 words per day.” – Tynan

“It is vain to do with more what can be done with fewer.” – William of Ockham

Being good at teaching is being good at conversation.

Foam roller between thighs for teaching push up tension.

“The way you engage with your customers (students/bosses/peers) trains them on what to expect from interactions with you.” – Seth Godin

Coffee cups that don’t break. But are not metal. I don’t like how metal feels. Is this possible? Because it would be awesome.

“Split the year in three quarters and schedule a project to be done within a quarter. 3 months to work on a project, 1 month off to rejuvenate, learn new things, come up with ideas. The same but 5, 7, 10 years large projects. Sabbatical or pivoting to another, related career in the middle. Easier to stay motivated and focused during tough times when you know it’s not forever.” – Who said this?

“Community is built when we talk about stuff that matters, with people who truly care.” – Mark Fisher

Advocates thrive on values-based causes and bringing about justice. They are at their best when they are telling some larger truth. Based on the personality test at 16 Personalities.

When someone comes to you with an issue, trouble or struggle, ask, “tell me about that?”

Am I afraid of success because I am afraid work will consume my life, leaving time for nothing else?

“Someone is going to do it. Why should it be someone else. Why shouldn’t it be you?” – Ramit Sethi

Breath through a straw for 5min ea day. Pinch nose. Build up to three straws taped together. Once you can easily do 5-10min you’ve adapted to the new breathing pattern. This is to learn to exhale better. – Nate Green on his email. (I am currently test driving this)

If you want to learn golf, you hire a coach. If you want to learn improv theater, you take classes. If you want to learn a language, you sign up for a course. But for some reason when people want to improve their fitness they think they’re better off doing it on their own.

Inversion problem solving by James Clear

“It’s difficult to find the leverage to make a difference. At your job, there are probably people with more experience than you, more domain knowledge than you, even more skills than you. The same is true about your competition. But there’s one place where you can make your mark: Your attitude. You can bring more generosity of spirit, more enthusiasm, more kindness, more resilience, more positive energy, more bravery and more magic to the room than anyone else, at least right now. Because you choose to. That can be what you stand for.” – Seth Godin
Write down each work related task and the time it took, do this for a week.

List every task you do and tick them to “love doing”, “hate doing”. Outsource one at a time starting with the biggest time suck.

Everything I do is my choice.