Once again it’s time to collect my random thoughts in a bullet point format and set them free for you to see. I keep random bits of knowledge on Evernote and every now and then I go through them all to see what I’ve been thinking on. They might be quotes on book, blogs, podcasts or just things that I’ve been thinking on. Enjoy!

  1. Laughter is contagious, use it. On some mornings when I catch the train there’s these two big tradie dudes on the same carriage talking to each other. The other guy has a laughter that borderlines a sort of joyous crying. It sounds like he’s running out of oxygen while laughing and then getting really worried it might actually happen.

I don’t know what they talk about but it much be something hilarious as it’s a constant laughter that fills the carriage at 6.30am. And most other people that I observe seem to be enjoying the laughter too judging by their facial expressions, there’s wide smiles all around.
It makes my morning commute so much more entertaining and enjoyable.

  1. When something is bad, focus on the upside. I find that finding a ray of light in a bad situation is a powerful tool to fight negativity.

If you spill your coffee on your cat before kicking your big toe on the corner of the dining table in the morning, you have two options. Either do what’s easy and go into the poor me mode, “Great! It’s going be another shit day, again”. And with a negative outlook like that you are going to have a shit day, that’s granted. You’ll find the negative in everything because that’s what you’re looking for.

Or you can look at the bright side. Your cat didn’t get burned and can easily clean himself up. He might even enjoy a bit of caffeine hit in the morning to bounce off the walls.
If you broke your toe be grateful that it wasn’t the whole leg from knee down.

I am not trying to blow rainbows up your butt saying that you have to be over the top positive about everything. You know the type. But is it really worth feeling bad about most little things that happen to us?

It doesn’t mean to ignore the negative but rather dwell on it a bit less. It is what it is. Focus on the upside.


  1. Best teachers (and students) are best at sequencing. Break things down and work through them one step at a time until they build a complete picture.

Think I am about to teach you how to single leg deadlift for the first time. You have no idea what this movement is like, and I’ll give you six things to focus on, “sweep the back leg, brace your core, bend your knee slightly, push your hips to back wall, hold an apple under your chin, screw your foot into the ground”. You’ll be like, “what?”
There is no chance you’ll remember the first que by the time I am done with the sixth. I rather give you one to three ques. Then I shut up and let you explore it. I’ll be a silent ninja on the background observing.

Whether it’s learning to single leg deadlift or playing guitar, learn stuff in sequences.


  1. Being pessimistic can take the burden out of failing. You are not afraid to give it all you got as you acknowledge that you might fail doing so. You know what the absolute worst outcomes can be. How much worse can it get? You might as well give it a go.


  1. Accept your weaknesses and make your strengths stronger. I am not too sure on this one. I think it makes sense to build on your strengths in business, but not in life. Depending what your weaknesses are they can hold you back a fair bit.

For someone who’s really bad at communicating but never willing to work on getting better at it, can you have success in your relationships..? What do you think? Let me know in the comments on my Facebook page.


  1. Do things exactly in the same way each morning to remove decisions. I’ve previously written about habits a lot. I clear space for creativity in the morning, such as this blog, by going through my morning routines. When at home I do everything in exactly the same way each morning. That way I don’t have to use my brain’s capacity for simple tasks and I am fresh once I have to type. #sciencemofos


  1. My self-worth is not measured by productivity, it’s measured by living accordingly with my values. I just leave this as it is. I’ve mentioned this before but Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly is the most important book I’ve read this year.


  1. When you say, “What should I do with my life?” or “What is my life purpose?” what you’re actually asking is: “What can I do with my time that is important?”
    Does this change fit my lifestyle? Does it align with my beliefs and values? Can I do this for five years? If I do this for five years, will it make me better? If you can answer “yes “to all of these questions, do whatever it is you were contemplating.

If someone knows where the above is from please let me know so I can credit the person. This is a big deal so it’s important that I give the credit to where it’s due. I know I didn’t come up with the above.


  1. “Live with purpose, passion and a curious mind. Keep love, wisdom and honesty as my compass.” Me. My guiding principle for work and life.


  1. “We have ethical responsibility to other conscious creatures because how our actions affect their consciousness by causing pain and suffering.” Sam Harris, in his book Waking Up.

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