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For those of you who are reading a post like this for the first time. I take random notes throughout my days while reading, listening to podcasts or after something came up in a conversation. These thoughts are randomly jolted down in Evernote but I try to organize them a bit before posting. Just so it would make at least some sense to you guys as well.
I wish I could credit everyone who’s teachings or ideas I’ve written down but I just simply can’t remember.
This is the third installment and probably the most random collection of thoughts so far.
Here’s links to Part I and Part II as well.

Focus your learning on what you will need NOW.
Move forward by focusing on NOW. What brings the best return.

Create a power stance before heading to a stressful situation. Spend two minutes doing it in a private space. If you want you can even add mantra to it.

Observe people that you think are confident and charismatic, what do they do to have a presence as they do? Don’t focus on how they look or what they wear but rather how they act, how they speak, how they move.

Visualize. Before a big event such as presentation or a meeting, sit still and have a conversation with a person who has been in a similar situation. This can be your partner, friend or a historical character. Or even a fictional character (Batman!). Visualize sitting down with them and talking about your worries or concerns. Let them guide you through your worries with their positive attitude and experience.

Important Decisions Use Heart, Head, Gut
*Who has made similar successful decisions?
*What would the expert in this area advice?
*Where can I find more information?
*What is the kindest thing to do now?
*If I were living completely by my values, what would I do?
*What do I instinctively know to do already?
*What do I feel is right for me right now?

Draw a four square block with the following:
*Do & Gain
*Do & Lose
*Don’t & Gain
*Don’t & Lose
What would doing or not doing a thing lead to according to above?

When you’ve made a decision and taken everything in consideration and things don’t turn out the way you wanted, don’t feel bad. You made the best possible decision at the time knowing what you knew. Always focus on what you gained from the decision instead of what you missed out on.

Struggling with decision making. When choosing a food item from a menu pick the first thing than you like and stop reading the menu.

Specific praise is awesome. General praise is worse than worthless.

Surround yourself with people who share similar goals. Choose to hangout with those who support your goals, values and choices. It’s tough enough without having someone trying to torpedo your efforts.

Be yourself and attract people who you would like to hangout with in real life.
Give people something so bold that it is what they are looking for. Don’t change your ways to please everybody.
In fact, try to get people to “break up” with you. That way only those who you really want to hangout with will stick around.
Devote your time to those you value and those who value your input in return.

When thinking negative thoughts, imagine that it is coming from a radio and see if you can turn down the volume.

Hardships come and hardships go, but nothing makes it more bearable than humor. Remember to laugh.

Do simple things that others won’t.

Positive self talk affects how you treat other people as well.

Learning is great but it won’t help unless you take action.

Project goodwill.

“Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart”.

Find your passion. Find something that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning. Don’t focus on what’s the most profitable but on things that bring you the most joy!

Passion can also be overrated. Rather than searching for passion, find your purpose. Your passion can grow from doing something meaningful.

Meditation or Deep Breathing. Clear your head and focus on the present. Start easy by only doing one minute of deep breathing while trying to keep your mind from wandering. Once you can do that start adding more time.

Self control is higher when focusing on the long term goal and “why” instead of short term goals and “how”.

The amount of willpower is highest in the morning. Every decision and choice the person makes will diminish it, no matter how unrelated the task seems.

Start day by choosing ONE task to work on. Get it done instead of reacting to tasks that pop up. Be proactive!
Try not to check your emails or social media until after noon. Get all your work done first.

Keep the following in balance:
1. Work
2. Rest
3. Pray (this can be just you-time and doesn’t have to be religious. Just get in touch with your inner self)
4. Play
These four don’t have to be in balance each day but they should even-out over a longer period of time. Too much focus on any one thing will throw you off balance. (Dan John)