Headbang Coffee

It’s been a solid six months since I’ve done one of these. And the list of thoughts since January was long AF, so I  cut out a lot of the jargon.

Here goes. And as always, this goes all over the place. 

Don’t just look at movement limitations as they relate to increased risk of injuries because limitations affect performance too.

Am I in minority for giving people way on sidewalks? Seriously, why the fuck does it always feel like I am the one giving way? (I’d love to hear if this is just in my head or if you feel the same way too)

AI will replace all the repetitive jobs and tasks. For now, high level creative jobs are safe. Childcare and nursing too because of the human caring aspect. But surgery and diagnosing will be more successful with AI.

How can we deliver value that AI can’t?

What if, and when, universal basic income becomes a reality, what would you do then to bring value?

How to ask better questions? How to get people to ask more questions about themselves?

Have a work shutdown procedure each day. Lock in what needs done the next day. Don’t wait until getting to bed to do this. (from Deep Work)

How do you measure status? – Seth Godin
Not everyone thinks the status same way as you do. Find the ones that do and make a positive contribution. (I wrote a blog post about this)

How do you measure success? (I wrote a blog post about this)

Best business advice: deliver value to your customers. Then tell others about it.

Ask specific feedback instead of general.

The songs we listen to between 17-22 forms a profound memory. Why?

Alternate between high energy and low energy tasks.

My business is a slowly progressing diesel engine, not a high paced mind-fuckery.

T-shirt idea: “Don’t do dope. But do dope things”. (I actually ended up  designing and printing this.)

People want short-term and quick fixes. Not to hear about how most things require a long-term approach and patience. Offer something that starts the process to get them moving into the right directions.

Sketch idea: exercise class with arsonists. Motivational yelling: “feel the burn”, “burn the house down”, “it’s getting heated”. (Yes, it makes me laugh)

Tom Wolfe’s four techniques for New Journalism:
1. Story that moves from scene to scene.
2. Rich dialogue.
3. Changing perspectives through the eyes of the characters.
4. Specific description of speech, clothing and habits to form a deep idea of status and character of the person being described.

My philosophy for training: What’s the safest, most effective way to get and keep your results?

I could give you all a tough workout right now. But I’d have to lower my standards. – Grey Cook on the importance of movement screen (paraphrased)

“The optimist is just a poorly informed realist.”  – a brutally honest Czech friend

Write a book about dicks. The history, how they’re viewed in different cultures, how religion has formed people’s thoughts on dicks, why is it a taboo in some countries to see a dick on television, but it’s a non-event in others. Like Sapiens, but about dongs. (Is it weird I find this so fascinating? Maybe. But not fascinating enough to dive into months of deep research) 

“You can never achieve everything you want. It’s all going to happen in time,. – Dr Stephen Cabral

Don’t wait for the science. Do your own experiments. Provided it’s safe.

Do the most important thing first. Put 90-120 minutes into the most important part of your life/work. Not into what’s urgent but what’s important.

Train proprioception and balance when fresh, but add it to end when in a fatigued stated. Especially for lower body rehab. Train to fatigue (safely). (Ask Mike Reinold – podcast)

Have an affirmation you say to yourself when you notice your negative thinking creeping in. Not critical thinking, but negative thinking that serves no purpose. “Just a piece of meat on a rock in space”

Brand is a promise, or, this is what I believe in:
1. Your promise should arouse curiosity.
2. Clear that attracts some and repels others. Be passionate about a topic.
3. Elevator pitch 2-3 sentences to get clearer idea of what your brand is about. – Seth Godin

What sets you apart from other trainers?

“Good coach explains what the reality is.Pat Flynn

“Find somebody that who you feel is undeserving of your compassion and empathy and give it to them. – Christian Picciolini

“Assume positive intent. – Dan Pink

Write a press release for a finished product before starting to write a book (other project). It’ll act as a goalpost.

“What about that doesn’t make sense?” (When getting someone to read your draft)
“Read your writing out loud to see whether it makes sense.” – Dan Pink 

When learning a skill make failing “no stakes”. (from Tim Ferriss)

Look for people who have done what you want to do. Disheartened? Look for people who are disadvantaged compared to you but have done it, regardless.

Be here now. Decide the night before what’s enough work for the next day. Once it’s done, turn off. Do something different. Like planning a book about johnsons.

I will only follow through when the reason for doing it is important for me.
Agony of staying the same > Torment of progress = Results.

If you make an argument, you must also counteract the other side of the argument. E.g. British Empire’s influence was bad because of this this. But what would the world be without it? (I can’t remember where I got this)

Charisma = being present.

List all the household tasks we can pay someone else to do.

“Women tend to do better with overall higher volume and slightly higher intensities than men do.” – Stronger by Science

What gives you the most room “to breathe” once done? Focus your effort to it until done.

Sundays are a digital Sabbath. No phone, laptop, tablet.
Max 30min of non-work related Internet per day, on any day.
Max 60min of work-related Internet per day: emails, forums etc, on any day.

What are you willing to do to reach your goal?

“Find creative ways to be considerate. That’s the best marketing.” – Derek Sivers

This is important. If it wouldn’t be, I wouldn’t teach you about it.

Principles should override personality cult. Rational thinking should override emotion. (Can’t remember where, but sounds like Waking Up – podcast)