Fat loss and movemen
Once again t’s time to collect my random thoughts in a bullet point format and set them free for the world (hey mum!) to see. These are random notes that I keep on Evernote. Every now and then I go through them all to see what I’ve been thinking on. Here’s the latest on fat loss and training. Enjoy!

1. With fat loss as your goal, food planning, shopping and prepping should be your number one priority of the week. If you have to sacrifice a workout to get them done, so be it. You are not going to out-train poor eating habits.


2. Focus on the quantity (how much you eat compared to how much you need) of food first. Then start focusing on the quality. If you are not overweight but not happy with how you look it’s time to have a hard look at the quality.


3. The truth is usually in the food diary. If you’ve never done it, you might be way off in your calorie estimations. You might overestimate or underestimate your calorie consumption.

You don’t have to obsess about it or do it for the rest of your life. Rather, have an objective look at your eating habits to see where you are at. Once you have a good idea on how many calories a certain amount of food holds it’s easier to make daily decisions about food that will impact your fat loss in a positive way. Knowledge is power here too.


4. It’s important to take the moral judging out of your food choices. Your food choices either get you closer to your goal or they take you away from it. That’s it. There’s no “bad”, “evil” or “naughty” meals. It’s just food.


5. When something is hard or you are having a hard time staying on track stop for a moment and ask yourself: why am I doing this? How will my life be different once I get there? Am I doing it for myself or am I doing it because I care what other people think of me? What is the cost to benefit ratio of me getting to my goal? What if I don’t get there, what will I miss out on?
Quite often these things get so big in our heads that we forget why we wanted them in the first place.


6. Dan John has somewhat recently popularized an old Dan Gable quote “if it’s important do it everyday”. If something really matters to you, you should do it often. Repeat it everyday. If you want to turn your health around or improve it, do something about it everyday.
This doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym every night until your hips fly out of their sockets. Or eat plain chicken breast wrapped in raw kale for breakfast every morning. Rather, go for a walk, take the stairs, eat two carrots instead of one, whatever. But just do something – no matter how small – to improve your health every-single-day. It’s a snowball effect.


7. Go through the appropriate steps instead of jumping straight to the hardest or the most popular exercise that everyone else is doing. Don’t expect to dominate on conventional deadlift if you don’t know how to hinge from your hips. The only dominating you’ll be doing is waiting to get to a back surgery.


8. With each training session the emphasis should be on getting better instead of chasing tiredness. “Structuring” the training session with a sole focus on getting tired doesn’t accomplish anything.


9. One bad training session doesn’t mean anything in the long run. Get over it. You don’t need to train like a bat out of hell each time you step into the gym.


10. I think there is a point when we reach “enough” of core strength. Once you get there focus on maintaining it. It gets tested every time you do a heavier lift such as deadlift or squat. What is enough depends on the person and their goals. And not, doing “just enough” of core work won’t visibly affect you abs.


That’s all folks!