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It’s a no secret that I like to emphasize clients to work on a one habit at a time to eventually get them to their goals. Sometimes the habit might seem trivial but it’s all about focusing on each step and building a list of successful habits overtime that will align with where you want to get to. It’s all about knowing your destination and adjusting the road as you travel to get there.

In a world that focuses on “go hard or go home” and absolute perfection it’s easy to start downplaying our own achievements. It’s easy to think that what we are doing day in and day out is not a big deal.

What we see on our Facebook feeds and other media is not the small steps that successful people take to get to their goals. Rather it’s brought to our attention once someone has already “traveled” to their big goal.

We don’t see the brutal grind that an athlete went through for four years prior making it to the Olympics; nope, we see her winning the gold medal with a running technique which resembles somewhat of a cross between a leopard and a rhino. Nobody learns to run like that without A LOT of practice. Her running technique practice is a daily habit for her.

Bringing it a bit closer to home; you join a gym and see all these ridiculously fit people getting around and it’s easy to forget that at some point they were beginners too. They’ve been through it all, they’ve learned the habits of what it takes to be where they are. It’s still not necessarily easy for them but they know each step because they’ve been though them. When they struggle they bounce back by falling back on their habits. They know that by following a certain habit will bring a specific result.
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Exceptions for this rule are few and far between. Clark Kent is one. I bet he doesn’t have to go through the daily grind of flying practice and shooting laser from his eyes. But he’s an outlier and you shouldn’t model your “road” according to what works for others anyways. You need to model your road according to what works for you because not two people are the same. A habit might come easy for some and harder for others. You need to adjust it for yourself to be successful.


It’s easy to forget the process of getting somewhere. By practicing habits you will create a road to lead you where you want to go. Small or big, each habit is a step and has a purpose. Most times it’s good to just focus on the behavior and forget the goal.


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