Regardless of how you bake it, reclaiming your energy, strength, and fitness requires you to become uncomfortable.

But ambitious plans fail when challenging, uncomfortable physical and mental feelings exceed our tolerance.

Yet, that’s what most people do when starting a new fitness program. Taking on too much, barely tolerating it, and giving up before having the chance to build it into a habit.

The key to success is to find a level of uncomfortableness that you can tolerate. And then gradually add more as your tolerance increases.

Until one day, you won’t recognise your previous self.

Or, as one of my clients said today, “I may not hate strength training”.


ps. I am taking on four new online coaching clients this week. Are you a tired parentpreneur who:

– Wants to reclaim your energy and strength slowly and sustainably
– Juggles business, parenthood and about a gazillion other roles and responsibilities
– Gives zero f*cks about having abs and doesn’t want to focus on weight loss or counting calories
– Is willing to carve out 90 minutes a week for improving your health and fitness

If reading that makes at least two of your neck vertebrae sore from vigorous nodding, hit reply. And we’ll have a chat to see if my coaching program would be a good fit.