I was wrong. Again.

A while back, I confidently stated that I would never again write about fat loss or aesthetics. The idea was that plenty of people in the fitness space focus on fat loss, and you don’t need another one.


I have spoken to many women, and clients and non-clients keep bringing up aesthetics-related goals. Not as the number one goal, but a goal nevertheless. Or they are noticing positive changes in how they look as a byproduct of their training and being happy about it.

And that’s all without me specifically prompting it.

So, I believe that by completely refusing to talk about fat loss, I am serving my ideals about the fitness industry. While ignoring a prevalent goal women over 40 have. Plus, a higher fat mass can play a part in prolonged hot flashes.

So there’s that.

I am not saying aesthetics and fat loss will become the dominant focus here or in my coaching. The focus will still be on reclaiming your energy and strength so you can do more awesome shit. That’s why you’re here.

But periodically, when there’s a good reason to talk about fat loss, I will do so.

Now, one of my other reasons for never mentioning fat loss was to create a corner of the internet where you could escape the never-ending bombardment of content constantly telling you to look a certain way.

That isn’t changing.

You will never find bikini before and after photos here. And that includes bikini photos of me.