Over the years of working with women, I’ve noticed a common theme with most new clients.

Postponing the meal after a workout. And it can hurt strength and lean muscle gains.

Which kind of sucks because aren’t those the reasons you’re lifting weights in the first place?

To make the most of your workout, eat 30 grams of protein right after a workout. This is based on a recent study on 26 to 27-year-old resistance-trained women.

You can have that protein as a part of a normal meal if it is convenient for your schedule. Or, if in a pinch, down a protein shake/smoothie.

You don’t have to stress over eating that protein immediately after the workout. But aim to eat within 30 minutes.

“Post-exercise ingestion of 30 g or 60 g PRO [protein], but not 15 g, acutely increased MyoFSR [myofibrillar synthetic rate] following two consecutive bouts of RE [resistance exercise] and extended the anabolic window over 24 h. There was no difference between the 30 g and 60 g responses.”

Here’s the study.