Once upon a time, you had firm, beautifully built boundaries.

Boundaries that, despite everything you had to juggle, provided you with the space to take care of your needs.

But when you look around now, you only see the ruins of those boundaries.

They didn’t all break at once. No, people around you slowly chipped them away.

You agreed to add another school pickup for a while. Take on extra work. Get the dog to the vet. Order the groceries.

Now it’s months, even years later, and you’re still stuck with extra tasks meant to be temporary.

You know this is not sustainable. Not if you want to take better care of your health and fitness.

The only way to change the situation is to start building those boundaries again.

Who do you need to talk to today to lay down the foundation for a new boundary?

And how can you reinforce it so it doesn’t crumble as easily?