Coffee is about the best thing in the world when it’s either hot or ice-cold. But when coffee is lukewarm, it’s as enjoyable as a secondhand bathwater. 

Cardio is no different.

To get the most benefits with your cardio training, you either want to 

  1. a) Go easy (Zone 2)
    b) Go hard (HIIT: high-intensity interval training, or SIT: sprint interval training)

When you go lukewarm, aka kind of hard or kind of easy, you miss out on the benefits of:

– Zone 2 (active recovery, aerobic base building). 

– HIIT (better blood sugar control, metabolic benefits to help with belly fat, anti-inflammatory effect, aerobic capacity, cognition, and working memory).

– SIT (improved insulin sensitivity, increase in lean muscle, increase in fat-burning).

This gets even more important from perimenopause onward.

Estrogen and progesterone affect every system in your body, including the way you respond to training. These hormone levels gradually decrease in perimenopause, affecting the body’s ability to handle inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and fat-burning capabilities.

For the most health benefits, focus on high intensity on most cardio days. And pepper it with slow Zone 2 cardio. 

And say no to secondhand bathwater.