Emails, calls, (virtual) meetings, keeping up with the 24 hour news cycle. And now that most of us are homebound, another household task is never out of sight. Vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, planning tonight’s dinner, organising that awkwardly shaped cupboard that looks like Dresden in 1945. There’s always more to do.

Learn to live in the middle of the unfinished. It’s not that all the unfinished will never get done. You’ll get to it at some point. If it’s important enough. But not right now.

Right now is for focusing on the present. Not thinking of what’s coming or what has already passed. If your mind is not where your body is, you’re never really here. You’ll end up as a passenger looking out of a window watching your life go by.

You have a choice. Either experience life through a tour bus window. Or step off the bus, put your boots on the ground and interact with all your senses.