Wine aficionados might toot their antioxidant horns, but regardless of the instrument you blow, alcohol is a toxin. And the science is very clear on that.

Strictly physiologically speaking, the healthiest amount of alcohol is no alcohol. Despite the popular “a glass of wine a day” recommendations you’ve seen.

But I wonder about the psychological and social benefits that often come with low or even moderate drinking habits. If a few drinks a week help you connect with others or even unlock some of your creativity, do those positive benefits outweigh the negative ones?

We know that psychological and physiological wellbeing are deeply connected. So is it possible that in some cases the positive mental benefits literally counteract the physical downsides?

I have no idea. I’d think it’s individual. Depending on genetics and personality and other factors. But I might also be completely off the mark.

For now, I’ll stick with my James Squire Zero.