If you’ve been following me for a while, you might think that I am as much against strict diets and short-term fitness transformations as a carnivore diet fanatic is to science, common sense and the sight of a barn full of potatoes.

But it’s not quite as black and white.

I am against short-term transformations for anyone who hasn’t mastered the fundamentals of their health. Fundamentals of having a healthy relationship with food, exercise, stress, recovery, rest, and setting boundaries. As in, a healthy relationship both physically and mentally.

When all those pieces of health have been in place for at least a year or two, despite a busy life, the person has earned the right to entertain the idea of intense, short-term where-did-my-left-lung-go fitness challenges.

Without a solid foundation, the intense fitness challenges are like trying to learn how to drive a car with flat tires, a blacked-out windscreen and a shish kebab as a steering wheel.