I had it all planned out yesterday:

Get up for 5 minutes on every hour of sitting for some movement/exercise (6 x 5min)

Do a 30-minute strength workout before picking up the kids from daycare.

In reality, I did two 5-minute bouts of exercise during the day and missed the workout as we left early to get the kids.

Instead of my brilliant 30-minute workout, I did random sets of push and pull-ups throughout the late afternoon. And once the kids went to bed, I did some kettlebell swings while doing the grocery order for the week.

Here’s where it’s at.

Plans are nice. But it’s just as important to know how to adjust your approach to health and fitness when life demands it. Not by stopping altogether. But by finding another way.

While also accepting that, unlike yesterday, finding another way on some days means accepting that there isn’t another way. And being able to let it go to come back tomorrow.