Take my money. Make me healthy.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Let’s say we’ve always outsourced cooking. How much in a shit would we be if all the restaurants and food delivery services would have to go into a full lock down? Not just “we still do takeaway”, but “closed for business”.

Or what if our partner who always does the cooking would get sick and couldn’t dish up our favourite potato bake?

Would we have to resort to eating cold pea soup concentrate out of a can? To bite into a raw potato hoping that the holy spirit would cook it with our saliva?

What if we’d never bothered to learn about nutrition because someone else dictated what’s good for us? Sure, their intentions of helping were great. But we got ripped off. We got the service, but not the knowledge.

Let’s say we have never tried to discover our intrinsic motivation for exercise. Instead we’ve always hired trainers to keep us accountable. We never paid attention to what the training program was about because we didn’t have to. We turned up to train and then forgot all about it by the time of our next session.

What would happen if we couldn’t get a trainer? Would we be content at doing it on our own? Would we still show up when no one is holding us accountable and telling us what to do?

Money is nice when we can buy all the help we need. But what if money wouldn’t cut it anymore? If we could no longer by our way out of problems.

As a society, we are so used to outsourcing that we’ve lost some basic skills. Because as long as we can buy them, what’s the point in learning…

Let’s change that. We can still buy a service. And we should trust the experts to guide us. But how much better off would we be if we’d learn in the process? With the goal of eventually becoming self-sufficient.

Anyways. On that cheery note. I am off to learn how to grow vegetables. And to make boots. And to figure out how our 2007 Corolla could go on lukewarm dish water.

Has anyone seen my can of pea soup?