Should I do keto? How about Crossfit? Is this supplement any good?

We’re all sometimes guilty of obsessing over tactics without being clear on our bigger goals. Wasting time, energy, and patience in the process.

The first principle of thinking helps us focus on the tactics that matter. The idea is to distill complicated situations into their absolute essence.

This helps us clarify and find solutions to our problems by separating facts from assumptions. Once we know the first principles, we can build a strategy and tactics to support it.

With health and fitness, the first principles boil down to these three:

Goals: What and by when?

Willingness: I.e., I am willing to go to sleep and wake up earlier to fit in a workout. I will not drink a single vegetable smoothie. Unless I can put Gray Goose and Tabasco in it.

Available resources: How much time, money, etc., do I have for this?

Once you’re clear on that, you can build the strategy to get there.