The wellness industry is known for selling exercise, diet and fitness as the cure.

Feeling tired? Exercise and eat a nutritious diet.
Feeling anxious and depressed? Exercise and eat a nutritious diet.
Manage the symptoms of PMS and menopause? Exercise and eat a nutritious diet.
Newly divorced, fighting covid, and recovering from polio? You know what to do.

And when nothing else sells, there’s always the reliable want-to-look-super-hot-in-the-Barbados – card to fall back on.

Of course, this doesn’t just exist in the wellness industry. It exists in every industry looking to capitalise on people’s fears, insecurities, weaknesses and status. Finance, beauty, cars, you name it.

The thing is that exercise and diet can help your energy, mood, symptoms of PMS/menopause and doing Barbados. It might even improve your confidence after a divorce.

Yet, unlike what the wellness industry wants you to believe, exercise and diet aren’t the fixes. Oh, how I hope they would be. But they’re just one part of a big fucking puzzle called life.

You’re smart, and you already know this. And I’d like to think I am smart and already know this.

But sometimes, in our weakest moments, it’s easy to grab onto a hand, however veiny, that claims to solve all our problems.


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