This is the only box I trust. All the truth stems from this box. My chosen box will never fail. It’s nice when all the answers fit into a one neat box. It makes our world feel a little safer. A bit more predictable.

Ketogenic diet. Paleo. Raw food diet. Vegan. Atkins. Zone. The list goes on. Only believing and trusting our own chosen system, and it’s all healing qualities, is at the same a powerful and a comforting place to be. The more we learn, the more indoctrinated we become. Give it time and eventually we come to define ourselves through the system we believe in.

The illusion of the system and its strength multiplies when there’s other people who also believe what we believe. More voices make it more convincing. And in groups we often fail to have the empathy for the people with other boxes. For those who believe just as strongly about what we think is wrong.

As you’ve probably realised, it’s not just diets. We see boxed thinking in training too. And every other facet in our lives. It dangerous. Both to our wellbeing and sanity.

Wouldn’t it be better to learn to see the good and bad sides of each box? Including our own. To have the empathy to see why someone else thinks the way they do. To consider why they might be right.

And finally, to have the rationality to disregard what doesn’t work, and keep what works. Even if it goes against the system we care about. Even if it doesn’t fit into our chosen box.