If your goal is to:

  • Improve your energy, both for your physical activities and life in general
  • Keep or gain muscle to stay strong and keep your metabolism revving
  • Sleep better
  • Not feel like an angry parrot deprived of food

Here’s the “secret” to getting there: eat a satisfying diet (both in quantity and taste) that supports your goals.

Keto, fasting, small meals, Atkins, ultra-high carb, high-altitude-food-grown-on-sand diets might work.

But every body is different. And to say that one diet works for every woman is a hyperbole if there ever was one.

Still, the best diet for you will likely revolve around these three pillars:

  1. Eat enough protein (around 1.2g per kg)
  2. Eat a metric shit ton of vegetables and fruit (8 or more fist-sizes per day is ideal. But start with what feels doable)
  3. Adjust alcohol and caffeine intake to whatever makes you feel the best.

Once you have those pillars in the ground, experiment with carb/fat ratios, meal times, and spacing to see what hits the mark.