“I am a lucky man. After an accident and resulting spinal surgery in December 2012 (fractured C6/C7) I spent two months in the incredible Prince of Wales spinal unit in Randwick slowly training my body to do all the things we take for granted, from opening a paper packet of pepper to walking again! My poor mother thought she would never have to brush my teeth again!

Although I left hospital walking again, the nerves that route signals to my limbs, particularly down my left side, were badly damaged. Joonas took over from my outpatient physio at Prince of Wales and the improvement (which statistically becomes more difficult after 18 months) has continued.

Joonas spoke with my physio before agreeing to see me as a client so that he could learn the extent of my injury and thus tailor a programme for me. We haven’t looked back.

The personal attention I have received from Joonas has been incredible. I was cautious coming to see a trainer outside of Prince of Wales having spent nearly 2 years in their very good hands. Fernanda at Prince of Wales is an incredible woman, motivating, caring, strict, loving and I very much valued our relationship. She was a difficult person to replace. There was without doubt somewhat of a psychological barrier. But, meeting Joonas for the first time, understanding the way he works and taking confidence from his discussions with Fernanda meant I could make the jump. Joonas has never missed a session. The sessions are always varied. I have always felt protected, in the context of my medical history, in our sessions together. He keeps me motivated. We continue to get results. Long may that last!”
Ross Malone

Facebook Feedback


"Before I started training with Joonas 
I had tried dieting by myself with little LB
success. Now Joonas has not only 
helped me reach my goal of losing 
weight, but I have gained an 
extensive amount of knowledge on how to 
maintain healthy eating and training 
as a part of my daily routine"
Louise Berger, Accounting Manager

“I can say the improvement has been immense; 
entered the gym lacking streCarlosngth, technique 
and out of shape but training with Joonas has 
changed that.
I am now fit healthy and very strong and have 
left behind my old English lifestyle of 
binge drinking and bad eating, I couldn't have 
achieved this without the help of Joonas and 
his dedication and knowledge. I would 
recommend his coaching to anyone thinking of
becoming a better version of themselves."
Carl Pritchard, Landscaper

"Since starting to work with Joonas in 2012, I have 
stuck to a structured Malachy Dliftprogram and have started to eat 
smart. In the last year I have gone from having never 
done a chin-up, to knocking out 20-30 
during an upper body session. I have also added 
over 50kg to my deadlift.
The biggest plus for me is that I now really enjoy my 
gym sessions. I had bilateral ACL reconstruction 
earlier in the year. The fact that I was in the habit of 
training 4 times a week really helped me with my 
rehab and recovery.
As a personal trainer, I couldn't recommend 
Joonas more highly.”
Malachy O'Connor, Senior Software Developer

“I realize I’ve been doing PT with you for nearly a year now and I absolutely love it. I have so much fun (if you can call it that) and I’m achieving things now that I never thought possible. Because of you I feel good about myself for the first time ever and I actually like the skin I’m in.”
Bec Sharp, Learning and Development Manager

“Superb training. Before I started training Matt with Joonas I was battling with an injury that prevented me from doing any running at all. I was able to get back to competing and completed a 100 kilometer race shortly after. The training was essential part for me being successful in my races.”
Matheus Rafagnin, Ultra Marathoner



“Before training with Joonas I was regularly working out at the gym but always suffered with a few problem areas: a) shoulder and back pain b) I had a knee injury from doing the Oxfam 100 km hike two years ago, which hadn’t ever improved, I had stopped hiking. c) Previously my physio had tried to help with what he thought were tight hamstrings – this included a lot of stretching. Joonas immediately noticed weak areas for me to work on…which has meant my shoulder pains have gone entirely. I no longer need a fortnightly massage to untie those knots, it’s made such a difference to me.

I have started smaller hikes again and snowboarding without any pain in my knees. My overall fitness has improved, I lasted 6-8 days boarding on a recent 10 day snow trip to the US.

Joonas noticed that what I need is to focus on strength training and cut down on the yoga/stretching. I promised to try for a few weeks, and haven’t looked back – no more tight hamstrings or hips. I feel lucky I met Joonas – he’s made a big difference to improve and even resolve problem areas I had, and changed my overall outlook on fitness and nutrition. I am stronger, healthier and leaner. I’d highly recommend Joonas.”
Rachel Cornish

“Having suffered from a succession of sporting injuries last year, I sought to rebuild my foundations at the gym to further my footballing ambitions. Joonas’ holistic approach ensured my tailored program reduced my risk of injury and well as build strength and speed. With his philosophy of health rooted in evidence based practice, his methods have helped me modify my approach to fitness to achieve more results efficiently.”
Shanon Chan

“I am a believer in giving back feedback when you have had an extraordinary service.

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for a personal trainer but I think I lucked out with Joonas! This guy not only knows his stuff but he obviously lives and breathes health and fitness with quite a holistic approach.

I greatly appreciated his calming manner and he knew how to motivate me to push just that bit harder. “
Katie R.

“I just wanted to say thanks again.

I’ve had such a great time training with you and feel like I have progressed so much over the past year; you have helped me deal with my initial knee/hip problem when I was training for the marathon, helped me through my annoying boxing/wrist injury, sorted out my weird shoulder issue and given me some great new eating habits (remember when I was absolutely stuck on granola, fruit and yogurt for breakfast!?).”
Christie V.